Product Categories


1.-Installation Manual for the PT01-SCRATCH - SD kit with display

Download the file here

2.-Installation Manual for the PT01-USB - TF kit with display

Coming soon!

3.-Removing voice prompts and hands free calls (Updated for TF Kit)

- New Firmware - SD and TF Model with display Only!

1.- Removes voice prompts
2.- Removes hands free calls interruptions.

Download here

- Original firmware - SD and TF Model with display only!

1.- Restores English voice prompts
2.- Restores hands free calls.

Download here

Flashing Process:

1.- Download firmware from link and copy it to and SD card or Micro SD for the TF Kit
2.- Rename file to jl_bt46.bfu
3.- Confirm your decoder Bluetooth ID is M01BT
4.- Power OFF your PT01S, insert SD card on decoder
5.- Power back ON the PT01S and you'll hear beeps when flashing is done.
6.- Remove SD and Power cycle the PT01S, test features are working.

Don't forget to delete file from SD cause if inserted again it will always try to flash.

WARNING: Do not try to flash this firmware in a decoder other than Bluetooth ID M01BT, it will mess up other decoders!!!!